Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The 80s had their moments too....

Here are some looks picked randomly from my Christy Turlington archive that show how the 80s had good moments as well as bad - it was not all bad design and bad clothing! This comes after my favorite fashion blogger, The Sartorialist, posted photos from London girls doing the 80s revival. Most of the negative comments condemned the whole decade as bad for fashion, but with the photos here, I beg to differ.






  1. I love her with the pleated pants - but I would have paired it with something more slim these days.
    Christy is a true beauty - and I am fond of the new Vercace adds as well.

    My favourite cover of her is when she is doing a yoga poisture on American Vogue some years ago..

  2. Anonymous10:18 pm

    These pictures are beautiful and so are the clothes in them. Yet, I wouldn't say they're typical '80s fashion. I'm a fan of The Sartorialist too, but the impression I've got from reading the posts there about the '80s is that a surprisignly high number of people are inspired by this period, which has been marked in collective memory as a period of bad taste.

  3. Christy was one of my favoites from that time period...

    Thanks for that comment you left on The Sartorialist around 10-23. I agree, I thought she was way too skinny too and it was scary that it was with the added "camera weight."