Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer inspiration: red part2

This photo of a red door knocker was taken by my colleague Eleni Vretzaki, while on vacations in the island of Tenedos in the Aegean Sea.

I love the contrast of the colors and the intensity of the red - such an unexpected color to use on a door knob!

Summer inspiration: cream

Neutral, soothing, practical: cream color

Clockwise from top left: in the narrow streets of the old city of Corfu, house in Lefkada, St. Spyridon in Corfu, old house near the seaside in Lefkada, the main street of Lefkada, old house in Corfu.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer inspiration - the color red

This time, inspiration comes from red: red in objects, in nature, in buildings.

Clockwise from top left: Chinese objects from the Asian Art Museum in Corfu, sunset in Igoumenitsa, the Cathedral in Corfu, house near Corfu port.

Summer inspiration - life goes on...The color green

I decided to post photos from my holidays as groups of inspirations - from colors to textures to objects etc. First one, my favorite color, green.

Clockwise, from top left: a house from Lefkada, Chinese sculptures from the Asian Art Museum in Corfu, the dome of the Asian Art Museum in Corfu (Palace of Saints Michael & George), Chinese pediment sculptures from the museum, ruins of castle near Lefkada, pine at the castle in Parga, orange house (clad with wavy metal sheeting due to earthquakes) in Lefkada's main street, waters of Pamvotida lake in Ioannina.

And it still goes on..... no end in sight...

Satellite image to show the immensity of the disaster.


A moment of silence for the victims of the huge fires still burning in Greece...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ted Noten - quirky in acrylic!

Spotted in Design Sponge:Ted Noten, whose acrylic designs are edgy and desirable.

This bag is called "Murdered Innocence":

Some pieces look lice ice-encased future fossil finds. The "Meat Bag":

There is an online shop too:loved the rings!

The "Ring For A Chess Player":

The "Design Icon Rings":

And my favourite, the "Ice Pick Bag". The choice of names is great too!