Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dimitris Petrou - How to wear ice grey

Dimitris Petrou is a young and very talented Greek fashion designer. A few days ago he opened his showroom in Athens, at 23 Kanari St. in Kolonaki, where most Greek fashion houses are located and has a multitude of big-name designer boutiques from all over the world. He launched the showroom with a fashion show where he showed his winter 2010-2011 collection, called "Sur Mesure" (made to measure) for women and men. The photographs accompanying this post are from this collection.

His designs are all in ice grey, a totally monochromatic collection, toying with how the colour looks in different fabrics and textures. The results are spectacular. The way he plays with fabric is incredible, either in the way he cuts the clothes or the way he treats fabric, cutting it into small pieces which then he sews back together or cutting patterns with holes into the fabric to make a futuristic lace effect. And every woman outfit in the collection has it's male counterpart - although I would not suggest matching dressing up for a couple - avoid at all costs!

Every piece in this collection can be ordered sur mesure from his atelier - so it's like getting a couture piece for you in a fraction of the price. So go to the atelier and get yourself a piece of this collection. It's worth it.

Photos : Yiorgos Kaplanidis
Fashion Direction : Manos Jojos
Creative Supervisor :Antonis Kozakidis
Hair : Dimitris Sarantou
Make Up : MAC
Models : Rossana , Panayiotis  at VN Models

Video Art - Director: Tina Sardelas
Hair : George Marascas
Make-up : Tzeni Toumazatou
Models : Haley , Christos at VN Models
Creative Supervision : Antonis Kozakidis
Styling Advisor : Manos Jojos

Friday, October 22, 2010

Afu Custom Furniture

 The Afu shop in Kolonaki, Athens

Knot series

Dimitris Tsigos is a very talented Greek architect. His latest venture is Afu Custom Furniture and he send us a letter for it:

In our latest enterprise, our objective
was to introduce to the public the results of our ongoing research in
the fields of advanced geometries and modern CAD/CAM methodologies.

Therefore we have opened up a concept store in Athens, Greece where we exhibit furniture pieces and objects designed by us.

To get a better idea of the concept and see all the designs, we are glad to present you with the following options:

1) Visit the afu store!

8 Haritos St. Kolonaki
Athens, Greece, 10675

2) Visit the afu website:

3) Visit the afu facebook page, by clicking on the link.

For all comments – enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us:
T +30 210 7210148

Best regards,

Dimitrios Tsigos
Chief designer

Another Afu shop view

 The finished products look incredible - Usus series

Tractus series in the shop

 Fluctus series